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Accordion book with woodblock print on Seikishu paper

Drift is a landscape exploration that invites the viewer to participate in shaping the viewing experience. The book may be paged through as a linear journey through canyons and valleys of the Anza Borrego desert, or it can become a mold-able sculpture that encourages different viewpoints, pathways, and consideration of landmarks.

I have a long-standing fascination with the ways humans move through landscape. The shape of the land dictates the possibilities for movement through or across it, and prominent features can act as a guide, so often my artwork becomes an obsession with the form of the bones of the earth.

It is important to acknowledge that many of the pathways that people travel today, from hiking trails to freeways, are based on ancient routes established by Indigenous peoples. Throughout the Americas, these people have been violently displaced from their original territories and efforts have been made by colonizers to erase the histories of the original inhabitants of the land. The tribes still exist and still have ties to their homelands. I encourage everyone to learn about both the history and current state of Indigenous peoples on the land that you visit and occupy.

The imagery in Drift is based on a route established by Kumeyaay and Kwaaymii people between areas now known as Agua Caliente Hot Springs and Inner Pasture. For more information on the Kumeyaay, please visit www.kumeyaay.com